Monday, August 10, 2009


This blog is dedicated to my best friend Johne who died in a hiking accident on April 25, 2009. I miss him so much. This is mostly a place to help me get through because I can never go very long without thinking about him, and maybe this outlet will help me. I may not post often. It will just be when I think I need to talk or vent.

I had started a blog like this on tumblr and have decided to do move it here because it will be much simpler since I plan on having 2 more blogs. Here are the posts I had on Tumblr.

I look at stuff people write on his facebook wall and see how much help he was to other people. Sometimes i just think about how unfair it is. So many people still need him here. ahhhh i miss him like crazy…

maybe it's ok
of course, no matter what bad things happen, i’d rather have johne still alive.
but there’s been a few things that have happened that i’m also glad he’s not here to see.
idk all about how heaven works, but atleast now if he knows, i’m sure he doesn’t have time to be bitter and angry. *sigh* but it makes me very bitter and i can’t stand it.

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